Updated: May 25, 2020

13th April 2020 Today I woke up at 3:40pm. That is something that would normally happen in the summer. But anyways todays not important, this past weekend was. This was the most odd Easter that has ever occured in my life. Usually we go to church, then go to brunch with a bunch of relatives. This year I woke up late and ate a large dinner and went to bed. The Easter mood was very different then it usually is. Last Friday I ran to my friends house again which was many miles away. It's so tough, tiring and annoying, but best of all— rewarding. So, we decided to make the journey a weekly routine. Tomorrow we are going to do it again but take different routes. On Saturday I met up with my friend at Tim Hortans and we sat in our cars and talked. That was pretty fun. I've been thinking about summer more than ever. If it gets ruined then I'm ruined. I live for summer. One interesting thing that is happening to a lot of people is that people are having strange dreams. Everyone has then but the thing is that people are remembering then. People say it's because we are sleeping longer, so to me that sounds about right. More and more people that I know are ruining their hair as the days go one. Some people seriously believe that we are going back to #school. If we were to it would feel very strange because we are all very used to online schooling now. I'm trading my car in to get another one but corona is preventing that so it's very frustrating. On the news there's been a lot of good things happening with the response to the virus. People seem to be staying positive which is good. That's all I got for today.