Tharindu Suraweera

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

A Sri Lankan male student who is studying in New Zealand but stuck in Sri Lanka for the moment...


10th May 2020

The Corona pandemic started while I was in #SriLanka (my motherland) from New Zealand during my holidays. At first I felt like I'm stuck at home and what will happen to my future life? Because it seemed like NZ immigration was not going to reopen the country except for permanent residents. But a few days later, I could see how it reflected on our lives in such a good way. We all could feel that positive energy. The whole family had time to talk to each other, care for each other and do things for each other. The whole family at the dinner table at the same time - which was a very rare incident to experience. My father started to plant vegetation in a large area of the garden (we have a big garden), while my mother started to write a French book which was one of her dreams to accomplish. She's a French teacher. My sister started cooking (usually she's not) and tried out different delicious recipes. Also she started to play the piano again (my favourite). If I talk about myself, I used to read a lot in my childhood. But after my high education I totally missed it. I can say happily and delightfully that this quarantine season gave me another chance to earn that precious gift which is 'reading'. I'm really grateful for that. The first book I read was 'Rich dad, poor dad' by Robert T. Kiyosaki and the second one was 'Cash Flow Quadrant' by the same author. Third one is going to be 'Becoming Supernatural' Dr.Joe Dispenza. Another thing I understood was the uncertainty of the job market due to the collapsing of economies in the world. So I started to learn about e-money from the internet. I did research on social media marketing, multi level marketing, drop shipping, freelancing, affiliate marketing, trading, Forex, cryptocurrency etc. Also I upgraded my photo editing & video editing skills by reading related articles and e-books. Then I decided to do few projects on social media marketing on insta and meanwhile I'm working on it. So I think this quarantine season is one of the greatest time the world ever could have. Yes, it's true that unfortunately we lost few thousands of innocent people but we have to be more strong, be more positive & be more grateful each day we get a chance to live in this world. So show some gratitude to the world and keep spreading your positive energies like most inspirational people do at their homes from all over the world. I would also like to thanks all the heroes of the society who still fight in front lines by putting their lives at risk to help others. Thanks again! Stay safe. Stay strong. Stay positive.


22nd May 2020

Two and a half months after the lockdown. Active cases 442, deaths 9, recovered & discharged 620. The country officially has started back the daily life of people this week. All kinds of shops and supermarkets are reopened except for restaurants, bars, pubs, cinemas & other large human gathering / entertaining places. Weddings also can be done according to a certain set of rules & regulations imposed by the government. There should be no more than a participation of 25 people for a wedding.

At every entrance of a main city, there are checkpoints to check every vehicle which is going in to and going out from the city. People can hang out within the town area which they belong to but not allowed to leave it. Without a pass issued by the police, you can't leave or come into other main cities like Colombo, Gampaha & Kaluthara. People who have to leave the town for work should have a letter from their head of the workplace. And anyone who has to use public transportation like trains & buses, they have to book a seat and he/she must use the same seat of the same train/bus for the entire week when going for work & coming back home. All public places including public transport services are being sanitized every day (at least once a week).

My mom went to France yesterday for a requirement of her visa conditions. There were a pack of face masks, gloves, a bottle of hand sanitizer, a face shield with her. She didn't pack hand luggage because it is more likely to get in contact with the environment around her. So as a precaution she decided to not carry that with her travel. She was bit nervous before going to the airport but after we dropped her she called & said, there's nothing to worry about because no one is here except herself. I also got the chance to witness the airport during this special season because I had to drop her. I could see there was only one other couple at the entrance and the airport was not like the other days, it was very peaceful.

So now my friends are calling me back to hang around and to have a chat like the old days. But I don't think it's a good idea cause each of us has a responsibility to protect our own society. But on the other hand, it is very hard to live without making any contact with society too. Soon everyone will get used to this life and will make their own new life habits in this world. Thank you.


30th May 2020

Now people have been more used to the new situation & they slowly start to socialize again. Restaurants & Cafes are opened again but no dine-in - only available for takeaways. Yesterday I & another two of my friends have spent the day in someone's apartment. That was the first gathering of myself after like two months. For all supermarkets, restaurants, banks & other places it is a requirement to wash our hands before entering to the building. For that, most of the places have touchless pedal sink to wash our hands. It contains two pedals. One pedal is for water & the other is for hand wash. I think that's a brilliant idea to avoid the spread.

Another important thing is I started to go back to the gym. I know it's risky but I understood that we can't keep hiding due to a pandemic and stop all the things which have been doing on our lives. We have to move on to our lives while concerning on self-care. Self-care should not be luxury anymore, it should be a priority for everyone. The monthly gym price also has increased by Rs.500 & it shows how the pandemic has affected people's lives.

While the country is slowly getting back to a normal lifestyle, the highest single-day rise in cases for COVID 19 has happened the day before yesterday. 150 people test positive. Among them, 53 were navy personnel & the remaining 97 were Sri Lankans who returned from Kuwait. So, according to the government, ' there's no community spread in-country. I highlighted it cause I don't trust any government. Nothing personal or talking about politics here.

Another special incident that occurred this week is the funeral of MP Arumugam Thondaman. It was organized yesterday & they planned to bring 5,000 to the funeral. He was a politician for the government's party. The prime minister & all the other MPs attended the funeral. But I haven't seen the president on any photos or videos. After the funeral, curfew was imposed for that district. Anyway, what I wonder is, how the police & tri-forces are going to impose the 'small number' funeral requirement on the general public.

On the one hand, I want to appreciate the government on how they acted to manage a global pandemic & also on the other hand I want to criticize the government by telling how silly they are for making decisions like this on these things.

That's it for this week. Will fill your brains with more diary notes on next week. Stay healthy. Stay strong.