Updated: May 25, 2020

I'm a civil engineering undergraduate in #SriLanka


11th May 2020

First few days were spent with a lot of sleeping. But then figured out this quarantine should be spent productively as we won't get a chance like this again. So started to keep myself busy with daily workouts, reading books, playing the piano (which i almost went out of practice because of the lack of time i had previously), playing video games, and also started studying construction management online.

But actually when it came to the end of quarantine, i was kind of missing going out with friends and having time with people other than my family. But i should say quarantine was a good opportunity to work and focus on myself for a while. And also i should say i got a lot of free time to spend with my mom, dad and grandma as well.


22nd May 2020

Streets are filled with people but everyone’s with masks. Some are boring and some are fancy AF. Police checking on people whether they follow the safety rules and regulations. People carrying out their usual day to lives but in a more disciplined manner. Almost every grocery shop is opened and other service centers too. But salons and spas are still closed because of the safety measures