Sathya Bowen

35, married almost a year and recent owner of a Maine Coon kitten.

12th May 2020

My husband and I returned from our holiday in #SriLanka on Monday 23rd March - when Boris Johnson announced the UK lockdown. We picked up our kitten the next day - wondering if that would be considered essential travel - but we’re so glad we did. Lyra - now almost 6 months old has been a wonderful source of affection and entertainment. The lockdown has allowed us to spend a lot more time with her than we would have been able to with both of us working full time.

26th May 2020

Back to work after the #BankHoliday weekend which was far too short. Yesterday (the sunniest day) we went to Regents Park to sit in the sun and have a picnic. It was lovely although the #park was absolutely packed with people. You can see that a lot of people are getting more relaxed about the rules - there still aren't many huge groups of people sat together but definitely more than one on one and people are no longer going out of their way to make space as they pass each other by.

On another note, it's coming up to almost a month since I had to give my husband, Nick, his first lockdown haircut. That was an interesting experience! Armed with a beard trimmer and some giant kitchen meat scissors (they were clean), I managed to do a not too terrible job - Nick was pleased with it in any case. I thought it would be really fun and maybe the first few minutes were - but over an hour later, the novelty had definitely worn off. It'll be time for lockdown haircut number 2 this week - wish me luck!