Writer, taking introspection and slowness seriously during the pandemic.


20th April 2020

Drop deep, my love,

Into the stillness in your bones.

The heavy ocean of your body

Will welcome you.

She's been waiting, my love,

For your attention to turn

To her dark mysteries;

Her coral and krill and bone.

Settle in, my love,

Take a deep diving breath,

Your lungs are hers;

She's not afraid of you

Listen well, my love,

To the slow knock of bones

with a wounded story to tell.

It's overwhelming, but it's yours.


9th June 2020


The year of grief

We cry on the streets

Police murders

and teargas


Centuries of grief

Look to great trees

Black power

bore love

Black death

Ubiquitous on screens

A knee on a neck


we see you

Share comfort

Restore through dreams

Generations of trauma

Breathe deep

and rise

Speak your words

Resist, organise

Black visions flower

We honour you,