Nick Moore

Updated: May 25, 2020

28th April 2020

Dear Nick, There will soon be an outbreak very similar to the Spanish flu, which killed hundreds of thousands. This new virus called COVID-19 will end the lives of hundreds of thousands of people as well. To not end up like another statistic, you need to prepare. Life will soon change for you drastically. First off, go and buy all the stocks you can in toilet paper and hand sanitizer and then sell them when this virus comes. You will probably make a huge profit. Then with that money you made you can buy supplies for the quarantine period. While you still can, soak up every minute with your friends because it will be a long time until you see them again. Go out to your favorite restaurant, and I am telling you to please get a haircut. I don’t think you’ll like to see how long you’ll have to go without getting a cut. You must appreciate everything because your world will soon change completely. #School will be a challenge for you. You must not let the work get the best of you. You must persevere and get your work done. You are a procrastinator and you will try to put off this work, but you can’t.