Mrs Cheng

I am a lawyer and a mother of a young son.


10th May 2020

Social distancing is a new concept to a lot of us and it is certainly a new life style that we need to all adapt for at least a couple of months. As a full time law lawyer and a mother of a one year old, working from home full time and carrying out full time housewife duties due to the lockdown are certainly not easy. It is a constant role switching between a professional lawyer and caring mother every hour. Because we have a little one in the family, we have all been very cautious in keeping us not to get sick or infected with Covid 19, so despite that the Government had discouraged us to wear a face mask, I have been wearing a face mask whenever I go out and practice frequent handwash. I have close friends and relatives who are medical professionals and it is unfortunate to have a few occasions that I was asked to prepare wills and last testaments for them as they have to be prepared for the worst case scenario if they are infected by the virus. Life is certainly stressful when we are fighting the mother nature but as a Christian, I believe that God is in control in the midst of the pandemic and we will go through this together with love for one another and come out stronger.