Mike Bartec

Very analytical

22nd June 2020

Today, I started with some cereals and bread, before having a hot shower and making four calls. We discussed the lockdown which has now been eased and debated the prospects of trying to ensure social distance in pubs. We laid gentlemen's bets on how long pubs can last with social distancing. It will be a new normal, but can authorities prevent a couple from kissing in a beer garden? I doubt that can be defended, which means a stranger can kiss a stranger in a beer garden if the chemistry is red hot between them. Yet, it is conceivable the authorities will try to ensure social distance in beer gardens at all times. I said if they succeed, I will eat my hat. A pal thinks we won't be able to kiss our partners in pubs when they open and social distance of 1 metre will be insisted upon. A third said that by the time doormen get a kiss, that rule will be completely out of the window.