Michael Milosevski

Updated: May 25, 2020

17th March 2020

This poem is extremely relatable. While I’m reading it I can see everything that is going on today within it. We’re not allowed to travel, the stores cease from buying and selling, not because they want to but because either there is nothing on the shelves, or they have to close at a certain time for cleaning. It is nice to know that we are all connected through one way or another. The fact that all of us at #school are brothers and we have our families at home, it just makes us feel better about this tough time that we are going through and it will help us go through it at a faster pace. I will try my best to reach out with my heart and my words to make people feel better and to make myself do better.


18th March 2020

Today I’m feeling good, woke up early this morning to get homework done for some classes and try to finish by 9:15. After this I will be heading to my dad's car dealership to work on my car just to consume time and do something productive while on this break. I’m not really stressed about the coronavirus outbreak right now, considering it hasn’t hit its peak yet which will be in 45 days. We do not know what’s to come with that but we can just hope that everyone stays safe. In the world around me, I see a lot less people to be honest, not just because I’m not in school, but more because people are worried about the outbreak of this pandemic. In my family there’s not many changes other than just family talks every now and then saying don’t go to public places as much if we go to a friends house stay in the house or stay in the car, don’t go to Walmart or Wegmans unless it’s completely necessary. In the news, I honestly see something new every day I see a lot of government officials saying not to panic and then you just see more and more people get this virus and it just brings you a little more scare. Like I said, during this crisis I am trying to stay only with friends and family like today and yesterday working on my car with my father at his garage and one of his mechanics who’s in. I’m trying my best not to go to too many public places unless I need to such as gas stations and grocery stores. I’m not gonna lie, school has actually been pretty cool, I like this change up that we’re doing because it just allows me to do something different and I can work on my schoolwork whenever I want as opposed to doing it right then and there and school. I just think it’s much more fun. My friends are reacting just like myself, doing school work in the morning and going about their days for the rest of the day, most of them play video games though and I don’t do that, I like to do more productive things to be honest. Today, I will be able to see my car and working on that is what brings me joy, and considering it’s $20,000 to fix at the dealership, I’d rather take more time and do it myself for about 1/20 of the price.


19th March 2020

So we are back at it again today. Yesterday turned out well, I got some good work done on the car I just helped my dad with some other things around the garage. But today brings different tasks. I do not have too much homework which is very nice, only a little bit of physics English and math which isn’t too bad at all. It’s basically the same as yesterday as far as people around me, not many of us are worrying or anything like that, we are just all trying to take safety precautions such as washing her hands every 30 seconds and washing food and just being a bit safer than we would’ve been about a month ago. Today I will be finishing up school work and then going and hanging out with some buddies, I haven’t seen them since school ended so it would be pretty cool to see them today. I’m not really stressed, like I said same as yesterday. School is going pretty well, I’m getting all of my work in. My family is doing well and we are just doing our best to stay away from this virus but not letting it impact her everyday lives too much.


20th March 2020

So today I hear that all non essential job employees in New York have to work from home now. I’m trying my absolute best to not let my mom figure out about the speeding ticket I got on Union last week. Anyway, back to Coronavirus, New York has over 7,000 cases which is the most in the country by a boatload. I’m feeling good myself and so is my family and friends. My car is getting better and better which is a plus. Today I did a lot, I hung out with my buddy Sean and we just chilled at his house all day. We didn’t want to go in public at all so that’s exactly what we didn’t do. Not too much exciting happened today, but the weekend is coming up so let’s hope for the best and have a good weekend.


23rd March 2020

The weekend has gone by and only my mom is at work right now because my dad isn’t considered an essential employee. I’m feeling pretty well today nothing has really gone wrong yet and nobody I know is sick. My family is doing well also, they are just trucking through it as well. Nobody has gone insane yet. School is also going pretty well for me, we didn’t have much over the weekend which was a nice opportunity to recoup myself. Not really an eventful weekend so there isn’t too much to write about today. Hopefully more for tomorrow.


25th March 2020

It’s been good all around so far. It’s easy to tell that things are getting more tense in society because the number of cases for this virus keeps rising day by day. #NewYork still has the most cases by a long shot and we are just trying to keep people quarantined in their houses to minimize the spread of this disease. It’s kind of working but people are still going where they want and when they want to. I personally am fine as well as my family and there’s nothing to really worry about in our house at the moment. Other than the fact that the toilet just exploded out of nowhere a few days ago and the whole kitchen ceiling is wet. We have to start on that today because it’s finally dry so we can apple new drywall and stuff like that.


30th March 2020

So I mean it’s been quite a while since my last entry just because I haven’t done anything worth our time but yesterday was pretty fun. I was able to go fishing with Gomez and we caught quite a few fish so it was a fun time. I’m still feeling okay and my family is too. Looking at the world, the USA has the most confirmed cases of the Coronavirus in this world, and New York has the most within this country, by a long shot. I’m starting to see less and less people walking in public and it just seems like what a pandemic would be. People only leave the house for essentials. Otherwise, everything is going good.


2nd April 2020

Nothing has been more boring than these past 2 days. My life has gotten to the point where I got the old Wii out of the closet and started playing Wii sports. In other news, classes are still going easy. I took a test for Mr. Jagiello yesterday and did very well on it. I’m probably going to go fishing with gomez again today because it’s fun to get out of the house. The USA still has the most confirmed cases of the virus in the world. Just like Trump said, “we have the most cases because we do the most testing”. That makes sense if we’re being honest. Otherwise everyone around me is doing good and I’ve tried my best to not go in Walmart, that’s going pretty well too. Life is boring.


6th April 2020

This past weekend was actually really fun! I went fishing with Gomez again but this time it was out on Oak Orchard creek about 1.5 hours away at Lake Ontario. We caught some huge fish and it was nice to get out of the house and into some fresh air. Otherwise, nothing crazy has happened. School is going really well and that’s always gonna be a plus. My dad is a little worried now about this virus as opposed to last week he wasn’t even phased by it. In other news, I’m still working on my car when I get the chance. My motor is almost completely out and then we’ll be able to start really fixing it from there. Nothing else has really happened.


7th April 2020

So now my mom is working from home, still making money at least. In other news, I have not done much since yesterday. It’s okay not to do anything but oh my does it suck staying in for a day. The only thing I was able to do was go to my grandfather’s house and go to Wegman’s for him because our family has agreed that we don’t want him going to stores because it is just too risky. Otherwise, very boring day.


9th April 2020

I wake up to snow this morning, what on earth is up with that? I continue to walk out of my house to actually make sure it’s snowing and it sure as heck was, it was cold too. I was able to go fishing again yesterday once the weather got a bit warmer, still 43° but not 30° which isn’t bad. School and my family are still both doing well, there’s not much work to be done for school right now. I like how Mr. Moretta does steps for the project instead of just giving it all to us at once. I’ll be working on the car tomorrow and we’ll see how that goes.


11th April 2020

Today wasn’t much fun at all nor was yesterday, I sat home for both days and just played video games. That’s not something that I usually do but my dad wasn’t going to his garage and mom was at work so I couldn’t do too much.


12th April 2020

Happy Easter Mr. Moretta and to your family, today is a day filled with joy and fun. First, we have a family breakfast but it has to be in the dining room to ensure social distancing. I will be going out to various places to serve the poor (open places hopefully, I’m just going in blind). Then we will also have a family dinner tonight which will be the same kind of setup as breakfast. Tomorrow, I will be going to my dad’s garage to work on my car and soon enough, it will be done which is a big plus. I’m excited for that, hopefully she’ll be ready to go if we go back to school, if we go back to school I should say, have a good day with your family and I’ll try to do the same!


14th April 2020

All we’ve been doing is fishing for the past month. Otherwise, my family is still doing well and so is schoolwork considering we’ve been doing nothing since last Thursday. Pretty boring spring break so far.


16th April 2020

Progress on my car is going really well and that’s a huge plus because I’m still striving to get it back by June 1st but it will be a real struggle, I think we can do it. Otherwise, it’s now a law to wear a mask in public and I just don’t agree with it because those masks don’t let stuff out but studies show they could let stuff in. I almost got kicked out of Walmart yesterday because I didn’t wear a mask but the honest truth is that I was going to buy one while I was in there and they let me continue my shopping. Everyone is still doing well and we’re just waiting for life to get back to how it was.


20th April 2020


So we’ve been given a different approach for this journal and a switch up is always cool. After reading the article, the interesting part of the scientific aspect is the fact that severe patients are only getting released in a short 6 days as opposed to those in the rest of the country/world who are there for god knows how long. I know where I’m going! The aspects of the process include the use of the medication given out in the hospital is actually helping with the fever. This does 100% give me future hope for finding a full cure for this disease because it lets us know that if our doctors can treat it this early, they can cure it and/or find a vaccine for it in the near future. The craziest stat was the 6 days from severe to well. I’ll connect this to my daily life more just letting myself know to be safer and keep my 6ft so I don’t get this disease.


21st April 2020

There were many new things that came up to me in this video but the true main one was the use of these wet markets and how unsanitary they are. Disease could easily spread from animal to animal with all of these fluids just dripping into each other. Emotionally, it just makes me mad that this whole thing could’ve been prevented if it weren’t for these wet markets and the trade/selling of wildlife. This video logically made a ton of sense because it cleared up many questions I could’ve had. In addition to closing down the wet markets, we need people from other countries to try and stay out of China just because if there’s another outbreak, it can stay there and not enter the whole planet. The connection includes the fact that these people need to make a living and truly that’s the only thing they have going for them. I feel bad that they might have to stop working but we can’t just let this stuff keep happening.


22nd April 2020

(playlist edition)

Hurricane by Luke Combs- “you wrecked my whole world when you came...and hit me like a hurricane."

Peace Of Mind by Tyler Childers- “someone, long distance, for hours and hours on end”

If You’re Going Through Hell by Rodney Atkins- “if you’re going through hell keep on moving don’t slow down if you’re scared don’t show it, you might get out before the devil even knows you’re there”

Jesus, Take The Wheel by Carrie Underwood “50 miles to go and she was running low on faith and gasoline, it’s been a long hard year.”

It’s A Great Day To Be Alive by Travis Tritt- “ and it’s a great day to be alive, I know the sun’s still shining when I close my eyes, there’s some hard times in the neighborhood but why can’t every day be just this good?”

When I Get Where I’m Going by Brad Paisley and Dolly Parton- “when I get where I’m going, on the far side of the sky. The first thing I’m going to do is spread my wings and fly”

I Hope You Dance by Lee Ann Womack- “I hope you still feel small when you’re standing beside the ocean”

Believe by Brooks and Dunn- “tell me that there’s more to life than just what I can see”

Bless The Broken Road by Rascal Flatts- “this much I know is true...that God blesses the broken road and led me straight to you”


23rd April 2020

(Parable edition)

This parable can be applied to the current situation because we are all blind to the virus like the men to the elephant. People are missing the fact that it’s deadly and not everyone is taking it as seriously as they should. People won’t see the whole picture until someone they love gets sick or dies, then they will tighten up and understand that this isn’t a joke. I am, I still go to stores and get out way more than I should. I can apply this to a ton of stuff such as something new that I may try. If I walk in blind, I’ll need to be helped every step of the way.


27th April 2020

(Admirable work edition)

The one person that stands out to me the most is my best friend's mom. She is a nurse here and Buffalo at a hospital that has experienced the virus and it’s just incredible to know she’s helping the public. She had to start working the graveyard shift (8pm-8am) and it was a big change from her usual 4am-2pm. It’s a great feeling to know that we have such fantastic people in this community helping to keep us safe from this awful virus.


28th April 2020

(Letter to me edition)

Okay Mike listen, there’s a huge pandemic stirring up in Asia and you need to prepare. Go buy toilet paper right now, you’ll thank me later. Go get food and lots of Lysol because after 2 weeks, that’s gone too. Go get bandanas from Walmart because you’ll need a mask in the coming weeks as well. During this time, you need to finish all of your work given by each of your teachers. (Mr. N will be a little shaky at the beginning as far as assignments go but he’ll get it right after a few days.). You need to prepare as much as possible, you won’t want to go into stores as much as you used to because you don’t want to risk getting this virus. After your schoolwork, play some video games and go fishing but keep 6 feet away from others. You’ll need to go to Wegmans for your grandpa, we don’t want him going into stores and having a potential risk of catching the virus. He is 70 after all. Stay safe and healthy.


29th April 2020

(Reflection edition)

The biggest change for me has definitely been the fact that we have to make the adaptation to online schooling. This experience is actually really cool so the change in it doesn’t really bother me. I like this new aspect because it’s easier to get work done and I get it done in the morning so I still have my whole day ahead of me. I don’t think I will be able to keep this change. Just because we will be going back to school.


30th April 2020

(Sweden article edition)

I personally think that this article makes perfect sense. Like said, there needs to be less patients in the hospital than there are beds because if there’s not enough beds, there isn’t going to be treatment for those sick patients. Hearing from other new sources, Sweden does seem to be doing it right because all of the American news sources are saying the same thing for us to do it’s just that the United States has more people and more cases than any other country in the world.


4th May 2020

(Artwork edition)

I feel that this piece really brings out my feelings about this quarantine. Lonely, I barely get to see friends and family other than parents and sisters. I either go fishing alone because Gomez got grounded or I just sit at home and do nothing. Also, the trees in the piece look heart-shaped. I point this out because I have a deep love for all the people working on the front lines fighting this virus and a love for my family who has a ton of essential workers who have to go out every day.


5th May 2020

(Coronavirus summer edition)

The most interesting part was when the author talked about the drug they could use and how scarce it is. The author explains what it does to the virus and shows the people how it could help but then again, there is barely any left. I personally think that it is accurate and that is unfortunate because this was going to be the best summer of all time, so I hope he is very wrong. It affects my outlook negatively because the author is stating pure facts and that’s what scares me because the more he’s right, the less chances we have at summer. I would describe his voice as that of a news broadcaster. The difference is that some news sources could be biased but this guy is stating pure truth. The way that he spreads out the article makes it much easier to understand.


6th May 2020

(Letter to edition)

Dear Hockey,

I miss you bro. You’re one of the few things that make me happy and at this time it’s hard without you. I miss playing those games outdoors in the cold with all the fans and those games where it’s nerve racking until that last buzzer. I miss reffing hockey. I miss waking up every day on the weekend at 6am and going to those cold rinks to ref a game and get some cash to go along with it. I miss leaving school at 2:10 and trying to make it to a game that starts at 2:30 just because I love the game and that’s something I love to do. The more fast paced things I did for you, the better. You’re what I have the most fun with and I hope to see you again soon.

Stay fun,

Love Michael Milosevski


7th May 2020

(Conspiracy theory edition)

The truth behind this murder is the result of the fact that Liu could’ve wanted to take all of the credit for the potential cure or vaccine. This could’ve made people like Gu. The only reason to be thought of it that Liu and Gu weren’t on good terms and when Liu started to be successful, Gu thought that Liu would get all of the credit for “big findings” and he decided to kill Liu because he didn’t want Liu to have all of that fame and glory while he was just a software engineer.


11th May 2020

(Reimagine school edition)

Personally, I don’t think we should come back. It would just be too unsafe for the students and faculty at school. The first half of the year should consist of online learning again just to maintain our safety. Not to be rude, but in times like these, money does not matter and the safety of all of our students and teacher/faculty matters much more than “getting our money’s worth”. The college schedule on the portal makes sense but I think it would just take much longer for the year. Unless our teachers get a significant pay raise and the times go from 7am-7pm making each school day 6 hours for 10th and 12th grade at 7am-1pm and 9th and 11th grade at 1pm-7pm. Personally, I’m all for it but the teachers would definitely deserve much more, not just for our school but every school in the state and even the nation.


12th May 2020

(Famous person edition)

The famous person I’m going to compare my life to is Brett Eldrege. Eldrege is a famous country star and my favorite by quite a long shot. The lives of the both of us have become similar in a way. He can’t perform music live to the people in concert just like I personally can’t ref hockey or play in games with fans. I can’t even play without fans. Earlier this year, Brett was asked by Peyton Manning himself to do a concert for a charity event which seems like it won’t be happening anymore. Our lives are in no way the same but say by day, they become more similar while we sit here and think about life doing nothing.


13th May 2020

(words describing me edition)

Anxious (to get back to sports and classes)

Happy (only because I got my best average at St. Francis yet)

Bored (can’t go anywhere in public without a mask and really can’t go anywhere that gives me a good time)

Upset (all of the awesome things I had planned for summer are gone)

Confident (that everything will get back to normal soon)


14th May 2020

(relationship edition)

The relationships that have been affected the most with the pandemic are those friends of mine that can’t drive. These guys live in West Seneca or Orchard Park that I would be seeing in school everyday that are my close friends but it’s hard for me to see them in difficult times like these. Those are the only relationships really affected because I see my other family members everyday which is a big bonus.