James Hoffman

Updated: May 25, 2020

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17th March 2020

Since today was St. Patrick’s day, I was feeling pretty great. I already got used to my adjusted schedule. But I got piled with work from Physics, surprisingly. But I got it all done. It was easy but it was a lot. I ran 5 miles today at Chestnut Ridge with my buddy Dima. It felt great. I wish I could get more of my track teammates out here because I don’t think some of them are practicing. We could still have a season. A lot happened in the NFL today. Well yesterday we got Steffon Diggs on the Bills. Today, Tom Brady left the Patriots and I think he is on the Bucs now. I had a nice corn beef and cabbage dinner. It was delicious.

Poem Reaction: That poem cut deep. It took something that is negative and made it positive. She compares the pandemic to the Sabbath in that we can go anywhere or do anything. That is true but that part didn’t make me feel better. The Sabbath is one day a week and a pandemic can go for months. But the rest of it is uplifting. It notes how we depend on each other and how the world needs your love. I like how she ends with the wedding vows too.


18th March 2020

I woke up early today so that I could get my mid-distance workout out of the way. I went to the Hamburg track with my buddy Ryan Baker. I then went home and did my school work. I got to watch Dead Man Walking. That was an amazing, powerful movie. That was for religion class but I will never forget that one. I also watched The Dark Knight with my parents. It was their first time seeing and I knew they would be blown away by it. The house has gotten pretty chaotic today. People are just arguing with each other and getting sick of each other. It has not been a week and we have already fallen apart. I should try to find a way to stop this nonsense because it is pretty annoying and it's hard to focus on my school work.


19th March 2020

Today, I wasn’t able to do a workout because my hamstring was bothering me. It was good that I got a break but I need to stay consistent. I got to watch Old Yeller for the first time in my life. It was pretty good but also sad. I have gotten very used to the homeschool method and I am getting my work done faster but putting effort into it. I had a nice prayer time with my Alverna brothers on Zoom. We prayed the rosary at 4pm because that is when the Pope was praying it with everyone else across the world for St. Joseph’s Feast Day. I got to experience the Zoom app with Mr. Kiefer’s AP US class. It actually worked out better than I thought it would. Everyone cooperated and listened to Mr. Kiefer.


20th March 2020

Today, I was more spiritual. I was more productive and social. I was able to talk to my friends through the House Party app. It was pretty good. It felt like a normal day for me. But, I felt down because I heard rumors that Cuomo was going to do a mandatory quarantine on the NY state citizens. I need my exercise. I mean I saw it coming because other states are doing it. But this is just completely ruining my routine. So, I spent the day praying with my family. We participated in Mass, which was streamed. We also prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet. And, on top of that, we prayed from this Lenten Companion and prayed the whole Litany of Saints. That comforted me. Also, it was nice being social in using the Facetime-like apps that are used for school like Zoom and Flipgrid.


21st March 2020

Today was really weird. I get up to run at the Hamburg track and it is freezing. It even starts snowing. My buddy and I were going to do a workout. We ended up going later. Later, it was sunny out but still freezing. It was hard to do the workout but it may be the last one outside. This mandatory quarantine will have us inside. So, that is why my family went hiking today at Arkon Park. I didn’t go but I heard there were a lot of people there. When I was at the Hamburg track, there were quite a few people there too. But the best part about today was that we got a meeting going on Zoom for our family (my mom’s side). This is special because my mom’s family is spread out across the US, so we don’t get to see each other that often. One of them lives in Alaska, one in Washington state, one in Pennsylvania, her dad is in Canada, and my mom and her mom live here. We each took turns talking about what we thought about the virus and telling each other what is happening in their area of the US. Now, we do have a family trip planned for all of us this summer and it may get ruined. Hopefully, this virus comes to an end soon. I can’t believe it has only been a week.


22nd March 2020

Today, I was very productive, although I didn't have that much school work. I got to clean my room and parts of the house that don’t really get cleaned. I organized all the college mail that I have gotten, and it is a lot. I did a bible study with my youth group on Zoom. It was great. I really needed that after this whole week. It gives me confidence in this next week. I was also able to get out some cooking supplies that we don’t really use that could be useful at this time. I broke out a breakfast sandwich maker, an air fryer, and a pressure cooker. The pressure cooker is great! It is so fast to cook things and you can do so much with it. You can even make yogurt! I have been amusing myself with this strategy game for your PC. It is called Empire: Total War and it is so addictive. It is set in the 1700s and there are campaigns where you can be different world empires or native tribes and try to win by taking land. But, the story campaign is the American Revolution and it is amazing. It is so much fun but also so educational. It is well worth your time and money, which is not that much. I definitely suggest it.


23rd March 2020

Today was very chill. I thought I was going to get pounded with work today because it is a Monday. But I had a very reasonable amount. I had two nice Zoom meetings: one with AP US and the other with French. I had a very nice workout at the Hamburg track today. I was the only person there and I thought it was fine weather for running, especially after the windy days of Saturday and Sunday. I will take rain over wind anyday for running. I have hope now that a bunch of new tests are coming in. Also, the spread is slowing down. Trump is considering opening businesses back up. That is good. I needed that. I also got news of the AP US exam. It is going to be a 45-minute free response test, taken on the computer. I was happy about that too.


24th March 2020

I had a late start today. I got up at 10. I am supposed to get up at 8. But, I didn’t get squashed with work today either. I was surprised there weren’t loads of Physics work. There was not a single thing for Physics. I got to have some nice prayer time with the Alverna guys. We prayed Lectio Devina over Zoom. It was refreshing. I also got to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet at 3. Then I got to participate in a trivia game. I came in third but I think those questions were unfair because most of them were random and could easily be looked up on Google. I had a nice 3 mile run and a great core workout. I felt pretty great today. I also had an amazing steak dinner. I was very relaxed today. I got my work right out of the way.


25th March 2020

I had a nice early start today. I woke when I was supposed to and I got what I was waiting for. I got a pretty decent load of work from Physics. But every other, as usual, is manageable. I enjoyed the East of Eden Test. I liked the questions and the essay. I got some good ab work in. I was not able to run today so I just did my ab workout three times today. My parents are awesome. They have been cooking us all these nice dinners. It is really convenient when you win the grand prize at the St. Francis meat raffle. We won a freezer full of meat. We got the freezer and the meat so that was great. So my mom cooked me one of my favorite dinners. I am not sure what it is called but it has chicken, tomato sauce, and rice. It is so good. It is easy to make and not expensive at all. But it is delicious. I definitely recommend it.


26th March 2020

I had another late start today. I was working late today, but it was only later than other times. I was able to go on a nice 3-mile run. It was great weather for running. I also picked up all the sticks that fell off the trees from the previous months. I texted my grandma to check up on her. I was glad to hear that she was doing fine. Today was pretty basic though. I had a nice meeting in AP US. That was fun too. There was a meeting for Pre-Calc. That was pretty funny. Mr. J was just checking up on us and guys were just fooling around and putting up funny backgrounds on their screens.


27th March 2020

I had another late start today. I just keep on staying up late. But I am grateful another week has passed. I am also grateful I am finished with my East of Eden analysis. I thought it was a pretty cool way of doing it. I don’t know if that is the last thing we are doing with the book. But I am looking forward to what is next. I got to participate in another live Mass as well as a Stations of the Cross live show from our church. The priest, Fr. Bob, set it up. It was very nice. He also did it in backwards order because he said that is how the original reenactment was produced. I did not have that much work today either. It was great. The weather today was great as well. I am disappointed I did not get to my workout today but I plan on doing it tomorrow.


28th March 2020

Today was pretty chill. I didn’t have any work to do today so I just had fun. I tried out new things to do. I ate a nice breakfast of waffles and bacon. I got two new books that I ordered, Bloods and The Outsider. I also got my copy of Catch-22 so I am pretty excited for that too. I had a nice workout at the Hamburg track. There were actually a few people there. It smelled like Chiavetta’s Chicken over there. There must have been some event going on. The most interesting thing today was that I got into playing Zumba Fitness on Xbox 360 for Kinect. My sister just started it up and so I felt bored so I joined in. This is pretty funny but I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it so much that I spent 2 whole hours on it. It just felt so good to do. I will be getting more of these Zumba games because I almost completed all the songs from what I did today.


29th March 2020

Today was also chill and beautiful. The weather was gorgeous. It was just a fine Sunday. I opened up today with Mass. It was very nice, even though it was through a screen. I loved the reading. It was a famous one: Lazarus. Then, I went over to my grandma’s house to pick up the many sticks in her backyard. It took awhile but I got the whole thing done. The weather kept on being nice while I was there. It was great. But then the rain came in later. Then the sun came out again. Life is so beautiful. I had a blast doing my French project. It was about our daily routines. Mine is pretty busy. But my favorite part of today was when I met with my youth group over Zoom. We watched a video together that was very uplifting. Then we shared how we were doing. The best part was when we got to browse for our favorite post on this one Instagram page that has uplifting posts. My favorite was one where a boy sends a drone carrying his digits to a girl who was dancing on the roof. It worked because the girl texted him an hour later. That was pretty funny.


30th March 2020

Today, I was very productive. I got up early and got on my Zoom meeting for AP US. Then, I got on with my French class. After that, I got all my work done by 3. After that, I just chilled. I play this mobile game called Kingdom Rush. It is a fun strategy game and there are 3 sequels. My dad just plays against his friends on Scrabble on his phone. Again, I was the only one at the Hamburg track. It must have been because of the weather. But that didn’t stop me. I loved getting info in the mail from University of Alabama. They sent me some cool stuff. I am trying to request info from all these big name universities because it is just cool to have all that stuff delivered to you. At dinner, we talked of a cool idea to make quarantine more interesting. We have seen other families do these on social media, but we want to dress up as a theme for dinner. We came up with some good ideas for some themes. This will make quarantine dinners much more interesting.


31st March 2020

I had another late start today. I was also not really motivated today. I did not get that much work done. But I am excited for my multi genre project for English. I have a really good feeling that I have a great plan and will execute it perfectly. It was great to get on Zoom with my Alverna brothers to pray Lectio Divina. It was also great to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet and have a fun trivia game. I actually won this time. I got to choose from some prizes. I chose a t-shirt. I am glad Fr. Matt sent us a link to audible and told us that there are a bunch of free audiobooks. I will definitely listen to one or two. I had a delicious dinner today. It was Chinese food!


1st April 2020

Today was great. Even though I mistakenly keep on staying up until 2am and end up sleeping in, I still worked hard and got all my work done at a good time. Today had some great weather. It was nice and sunny. But I was disappointed in myself for not getting a run in today. I watched these live videos on Instagram where famous hip-hop producers are going at it with each other. They are playing their 10 best instrumentals and see who wins. It is pretty cool. I have also been enjoying these old concerts that artists are also playing live. I always enjoy watching the Metallica ones. We had our first themed dinner. It was Disney!. I dressed as Olaf from Frozen. It was pretty funny. I also got to relive one of my favorite moments ever: Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals. This is when my favorite player and his team, the Cavs, come back from a 3-1 deficit, the only ones to do it, against the best regular season team ever, the 73-9 Golden State Warriors. It was a great memory to relive.


2nd April 2020

Today was pretty boring. Although the weather was nice, I was not able to go out much, except for when I did my run. I had a lot of work to do. When I got my work done for the day, I tried to waste as much time as possible and tried to make the day end faster. I played Kingdom Rush: Frontiers a lot today. It is so much fun! I also played a little pickup basketball on the old Wii Sports Resort. I got to play two games of Uno with my family. That was pretty good. The second game was extremely long though. I heard some bad news today that Mr. Klute caught the virus. I feel bad for him and I am constantly praying for him. I also heard that Adam Schlesinger, a member of the band Fountains of Wayne, died due to coronavirus. That was pretty sad. But my spirits were lifted up when my family and I watched some The Office episodes.


3rd April 2020

Today was packed. I got on my classes today and got them all done. I thought the sources part of the English was a pain in the butt at first. But then I got the hang of it and thought it was pretty fun. I think I found some great evidence. We had a delicious dinner today. My dad cooked us some shrimp scampi. The shrimp were jumbo. It was so delicious! I was sad though when I heard there were over 1,000 deaths in NY yesterday. It is frightening because my uncle lives in NYC and that is where the majority of the deaths are. So, my family and I prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet. It was great news to hear that my church will be doing an actual Mass for Palm Sunday. I think it will be a drive-in like method. That will be interesting. I can’t wait for that. The last thing is that I got to watch Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade with my parents. That was fun!


4th April 2020

Today was pretty chill. I woke up pretty late because I stayed up until 3am. I am trying to get back onto a normal schedule as soon as possible. I ate some french toast sticks for breakfast so that was pretty cool. I was able to study ahead of time for my tests next week instead of the night before so that was amazing. It was great that I was able to talk to my grandma through Zoom. She is doing fine. I was frightened when I saw that the NBA might just cancel the rest of the season. I don’t think it is true. I don’t want it to be true. Lebron and the Lakers were definitely about to win this year. We had a great dinner though. We had some nice Chick-fil-a. That was great. I actually got to taste some food from the outside world.


5th April 2020

Today was happy but also sad. I did not have any work to do except for studying. I woke up to a nice breakfast. It was one of those nice egg dishes. That was great. I got to go to 11am Mass at St. Bernadettes. It was in a drive-in fashion. It was interesting. The cool part was that our pastor absolved us all of our sins publicly because there were no confessions. It was emotional and I could even hear our pastor teer up. But that was great that I got to be back with my parish, in some way. I got to get on Zoom with my youth group, so that was uplifting. The sad thing is that Amiel’s mom has the virus. I kind of know and by the little amount I know of her, she is one of the nicest people I know. I shall add her to the long intentions list.


6th April 2020

Today, the weather was the best it has been so far this quarantine. It was just gorgeous. I got a nice workout at the Hamburg track. I also practiced my basketball shooting, which I have not done in a while. I kind of lost my shot but I am quickly getting it back. I will be practicing every chance I get. I had a nice AP US meeting and a Religion test review meeting. Those went well. I took the French reading part of the Unit Test. It was pretty easy for the most part. We were supposed to take the speaking part as well but there were some difficulties with the videos so Madame just made them due tomorrow, along with the listening part. I heard something crazy that the UFC is going to have island fights. That would be interesting. We came up with a great idea to send cards to my Uncle Dave, who lives in Manhattan. We just want to comfort him and show our love.


7th April 2020

Today, I was busy during the first part of the day. I got up early just to study a bit more for my religion test at 11. I think I did pretty good. It was a pretty easy test. Then, I had to take a pre-calc test and then a french test. It turns out that the audio for the listening part wasn’t working so we had to do both the speaking and the writing today. That took awhile. For the rest of the day, I just went outside and helped my dad with the trees that have fallen. It was beautiful today as well. I am glad I got to speak with Coach H on Zoom with Zach Jaws. We are close to Coach so it was great to see and talk to him. We talked about life, school, and our undecided track season. I hope we have one. I also got to speak to my aunt who lives in Phoenix. She is doing great too. She stays in shape and exercises with her dog.


8th April 2020

Today was awesome because it was the last day I would have to do school work. I only had to finish the French Unit Test. It was listening and it was pretty easy. I also finished my Dear Reader Letter for English. I think it is pretty great. I am at a great start to my multi genre project, I think. Although the weather today wasn’t as good as it was yesterday, I still got my workout done at Hamburg. I got to say hi to my friend, who was also running. I watched Gangs of #NewYork for AP US extra credit. It was long and very disturbing. It was very hard to watch for me and I can’t see myself watching that movie again. But it is great that the Stations of the Cross video came up. I thought that was great. I am glad I participated in it. I got bad news that we won’t be able to do the drive-in method of Mass. The Diocese must have shut it down. We now have to spend Easter Sunday staring at a screen.


9th April 2020

Today was very relaxing. The weather was weird that it snowed in the morning a bit. But then it got better later and I got a good run in. I heard that the golf courses were finally closed. I had some nice prayer time with my Alverna brothers by praying Lexio Divina. I was disappointed to find that we have work for Physics. I got it done fast anyway. It was fine. Mr. N even said that he was not giving anymore work until after “Easter Break”. My family and I, after the Mass of the Lord’s Supper, continued with our tradition of visiting 7 churches on Holy Thursday. There is a video on YouTube of pictures of 7 churches in the East Side of Buffalo. We paused for 5 minutes at each one. They were all beautiful churches. It's new because I never get to go to the churches there or even go to the East Side that often. The best part of today was that we ordered Red Robin. That was awesome. I got a huge burger, those steak fries, and a lemonade.


10th April 2020

Today, my family and I were very prayerful. Since it was Good Friday, we fasted from food and electronics. From 12-3, we didn’t talk to one another. We attended the Commemoration of the Lord’s Passion and then prayed the Divine Mercy Novena and then the Divine Mercy Chaplet. We also got to watch the Stations of the Cross that were done by some of the teens in LifeTeen, including me. We had a very nice fish fry from Knights of Columbus and I must say that they serve the best fish fries. I also watched The Passion of Christ. It is, in my opinion, the most appropriate movie to watch on Good Friday. It depicts the Passion of Christ as very much correct and realistic. It can be very gruesome to watch but that is how real it is. I am glad us Catholics have a day like this.


11th April 2020

Today was pretty boring, I guess. At least the first half of the day was. I am glad that this was the last day of Lent. We get some hope when Easter comes. My thoughts about the virus have pretty much vanished. I just cleaned up the house, read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and watched The Office. For Lent, I gave up YouTube, baked goods, and pop. I held up well and did not give in. That is one great thing about me: that it is hard to tempt me and I am great at resisting. I have lots of patience as well. I will not be consuming YouTube that much now. I also will not be taking in that many cookies, cakes, and brownies. I have been working out and keeping in shape and I do not want that to ruin anything. Giving up pop was just to make sure I don’t drink it because I sometimes have cravings for it. I don’t drink that much pop during sports seasons because it is bad for running. I will stay away from it until track season is over; if we have a track season. I enjoyed the Easter Vigil though. It was only an hour and a half though. It is usually 2 and a half hours to 3 hours but that is fine. I am just glad it is finally Easter.


12th April 2020

Happy Easter! Today was great, despite the circumstances. I got two baskets full of candy that I don’t know what to do with. I don’t feel like eating. I guess I was so disciplined during Lent that I don’t feel like ruining the streak. I want to stay in great shape. I did eat a lot anyway today at our nice Easter feast. We had honey-glazed ham, sweet potatoes, asparagus, salad, and costanzo rolls. It was delicious. We also got banana-vanilla wafer pudding for dessert. The weather was great today. I was glad to have been visited by both my grandmas. We also got to speak with my mom’s side of her large family. I had a nice personal talk with my grandpa. I also had another great talk with my uncle. I also got to watch a rerun of the Master’s last year, when Tiger won. It was an amazing event to relive. My Easter was blessed and got all positivity. Now, back to the grind of exercise, studying, and finding new ways to entertain myself this week.


13th April 2020

I woke up very late today because I stayed up a long time last night. I woke up to pouring rain outside. I have lots of time this week, especially with no work, so I made myself productive by going back to the AP US review sessions on YouTube and watching them for extra credit. I plan on watching them all. Honestly, they should not be extra credit. They should be mandatory because these may really help on the exam, or what is left of it. I am glad to hear that we will be getting an update from the president on the situation. He is set to talk on Wednesday at 9pm. I plan on watching it on TV. I gave my Easter candy back to my dad. It was just the chocolate stuff. I can’t stand that stuff. I would have donated my candy but I can’t because of the situation. The only thing I really appreciated was the Sour Patch Kids, which are my favorite candy. My mom was also generous by going and buying me a nice big bag of my favorite snack, Chester’s Flamin’ Hot Fries. I recommend both of these if you have not tried them before.


14th April 2020

I spent a good amount of time outside today. I played outside on the trampoline that my dad and I set up today. I also cleared the way for our lawn mower. It is getting towards mowing season. I am the one that mows our lawn. I use a sit-on John Deere. She is beautiful. We just got her last year. They don’t lie when they say that John Deere’s are the best. I also got great news that I am a soccer ref for the Hamburg Monarchs’s House League. Hopefully there is still a season so that I can ref and make some money. I heard that California is going to open up businesses again. Opening businesses up can be both good and bad. Hopefully, our president and governors are making the right decisions.


15th April 2020

Today I was very productive, watching AP US review sessions and reading Huckleberry Finn. I went outside to help my dad chop up a nice cherry tree that fell in the woods. It was young and the wood is great. My dad used a chainsaw to cut up the branches and body and gave me the pieces. I chopped them up into fourths using a steak and a sledge hammer. It was a good workout and great to get all my stress out. I was disappointed though when we got in the middle of April but I guess that is what happens when you live in Buffalo. That is always the excuse and I am sick of it. But our spirits were cheered up. I made dinner for taco night. We had another themed family dinner, The Office. I dressed as Dwight and it was hilarious. We later watched our favorite episodes of The Office. It was a great night.


16th April 2020

Today was very sad. I got the news that Cuomo made the mandatory closings push back another month. We also got the email from Mr. Braunscheidel about the school. I think I am prepared to take on another month academically, but this can really take a toll on us psychologically. I can’t stay around with the same people 24/7 for two months. No offense, but this is why my homeschooled friends are a little strange and antisocial. I am not too disappointed with the junior prom being cancelled but I guess my track season is cancelled. I will still try working out but I won’t have that much motivation. I like that our school is well prepared for the grading for this year. It definitely takes a lot of stress away from the students. But this day was crappy. It was only fitting that it was cold and snowing like crazy.


17th April 2020

I am very bummed that the weather is still bad. I can’t get my runs in with this weather. Otherwise, I had fun today. I was watching some more of those AP US review videos. I have watched the most out of anyone in my class. I have watched all of them so far. I am getting extra credit while learning how to take these topics on the exam. I got to go on Zoom with my youth group and we played these games on a site called JackBox. I wasn’t having fun so I quit after the first game. I had a lovely dinner: salmon, mac ‘n’ cheese, rice, and asparagus. I had two servings of all that stuff. It was so good and very healthy. I cranked out some ab workout after. Then, my family and I watched The Bee Movie. It is a great family movie because you get some laughs from the kids and adults. It also has a great story and theme. I definitely recommend it.


18th April 2020

Today, I just wasted time. I took a six hour defensive driving course online. It was really boring and hard to get through but I did it. My dad wanted him and I to do it because it drops 10% off his insurance for each person that takes the course. It was pretty much the same stuff that I learned from my 3 hour course during the summer. My family watched a show of The Phantom of the Opera on YouTube. My family loves musicals, so they are lucky they got to see it. The guy that made it put the show on YouTube for free so that all can watch it during the quarantine. I did not watch it because I was focused on finishing The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and I did. It was a great read and I am glad I chose to read this week otherwise I would have been pretty bored. I actually enjoyed it more than the Tom Sawyer one.


19th April 2020

Today was pretty lame. But I am glad today is the last day before “school” is back on. I ended up cleaning the house because I was so bored. I got to join my friends from my youth group on Zoom. That lifted my spirits. I got to do an essay for AP US and answer the third question for my extra credit. I am glad I got to do at least a little bit of school work. For dinner, we got two excellent large pizza pies from Blazdell. One was a chicken finger one and the other was pepperoni. I have been listening to a lot of classic music. I don’t mean Beethoven or Bach. I respect those guys but I am talking about the music from the mid 1900s to now. I am talking about rock. I have always taken a liking to Metallica and Nirvana but I wanted to make my knowledge of music to be supreme. I am listening to all the classic and influential albums from that time. Now, I am not only a hip-hop head but I am also a rock n’ roll head. It is not only enjoyable to listen to but it also sparks up more conversations with my father, which makes this time more interesting.


20th April 2020

Today was a great day, even though it would have been if today was the day we were back in school. It was a nice sunny day and I got up nie and early again and was feeling amazing. I got all my work done and ate a nice breakfast sandwich, made by my sister. I got to go on Zoom with my AP US class. I also finally got my shirt delivered from my youth ministers. I was just glad to be doing something again. Our “break” was so boring. I love doing work. It keeps me busy and my mind off of what is happening. I had a nice workout at the Hamburg track after not being able to run last week due to weather. I just want more details about our track season. It still isn’t determined. I texted the distance coach. He said just to continue with the mid-distance workouts for at least the next two weeks. It could also be bad if I find out and our season is cancelled, then I won’t be as motivated to do the workouts. I need to stay fit during this time. Running is the only part of the day in which I go outside now.

Remdesivir: I indeed found this article uplifting and I am glad that this treatment has saved some lives. Let's just hope that this is it. I am just glad to hear that we are actually doing something about it. I have not heard of any treatments until now. I love that this is from the University of Chicago because I would like to go into history and that college right there has the best history program in at least the US. I may not go there for my bachelors but if I make it around to my phd, that will be the school to get it from.


21st April 2020

Today flowed by great. I woke up at a decent time and got my work done. I was bummed that the weather was bad again. This is just driving me crazy. This is why I want to live anywhere south of Buffalo. I just want to do my workouts. But my aunt gave me a great app to use for timers, specifically for running intervals and core workouts. It has been very useful. I had the pleasure of finally watching the first two episodes of The Last Dance series of documentaries on ESPN. I thought this was a great idea and that this is the perfect time to drop it. It is about Michael Jordan and the Bulls. I love this because both my father and I enjoy this. He loves reliving these moments of watching him play and I enjoy watching him actually play for the first time. It is truly amazing and I definitely recommend it. It is the best documentary I have ever seen.

How wildlife trade is linked to coronavirus: I learned that the corona virus is not just from bats, but from all these exotic animals that are being traded off as meat for people to eat. I learned that these certain animals all carry potential diseases. I think they definitely need to do something about the markets. If they don’t, someone else needs to step in. We can’t have this happen anymore. I don’t blame the people selling or the people buying the meat. I blame the Chinese government for letting them do that and not feeding their people. Of course, their government is infamous but we need to put an end to this now. We (all nations) should help them out to end this. That country cannot continue with that government. Now, I wonder why they call it the People’s Republic of China.


22nd April 2020

I had a very busy, but fun day today. During this time, it is great to have something to do. I had a lot of school work but that is a good thing. I got it done and it was pretty good stuff. I was excited to pick my two books for the final project and I think I am going to love reading them. I got a nice workout at the Hamburg track, despite how chilly it was. I had a nice prayer time with my Alverna brothers today praying the Lectio Divina. I also got to start a bible study group with three of my friends from my youth group. We plan on reading the whole Bible cover to cover. I also got to go on Zoom with my uncle for his 50th birthday. I feel bad for the guy. He lives in Manhattan and he can’t do much. He is just crammed up by himself in his tiny apartment. But it was good that we could talk and also have my aunt and grandma on there. This was probably the most I have socialized since the quarantine.


“Can’t Tell Me Nothing” by Kanye West- “La, la, la, la Wait till I get my money right”, I can’t work right now and I am broke.

“It’s the End of the World As We Know It” by R.E.M.- it feels like the end of the world.

“Alright” by Kendrick Lamar- “But if God got us then we gon’ be alright”, me trying to give myself hope.

“Creeping Death” by Metallica- this pandemic is like the plague on the Egyptians.

“One” by Metallica- “Hold my breath as I wish for death Oh please God wake me”, I can’t believe what is happening and I want out. (I am not suicidal)

“Wake Me Up When September Ends” by Green Day- wake me up when this pandemic ends.

“Help!” by The Beatles- someone please help. (again I am not suicidal)

“Here Comes the Sun” by The Beatles- very uplifting

“Jump” by Van Halen- I am just trying to jump past this situation.

“Hey You” by Pink Floyd- “Hey you, out there in the cold Getting lonely, getting old”, I am very lonely and we are all getting old.


23rd April 2020

The Blind Men and the Elephant: What I got from this is that we are all wrong about who to blame for the virus. Most of us are pointing our fingers at China. Chian feels attacked so they point the finger right back. But have we ever pointed the finger back at ourselves? We should think about what we could have done to prevent this rather than blame someone. Even if it is true that the virus came from China, we should still be forgiving them because we are all guilty of creating disasters. I also interpreted the poem as the virus not being a bad thing. Most of us see it as a bad thing, but if we see it from a different perspective, it is good. The virus is drawing families closer together, people are praying more, the pollution rate is dropping, and we can learn from this and change our priorities in the future. This can humble us into using our time wisely because this could be the last time we see the light of day. This could also be a warning from God that we need to be better neighbors toward each other and also seek a relationship with Him.


24th April 2020

Today was pretty basic. I had a bunch of tests and quizzes. I just did a lot of work today. It was a great end to the week. At least I have something to do for the day. I finished my longer fiction part of my project and I think it is pretty good. I was excited to hear that there will be another drive-in Mass on Sunday at my Parish. It is better than watching Mass on TV and it means that the end of quarantine could be near. Even if it isn’t, it still gets our hopes up. I also got my FlipGrid up and I discussed my favorite prompt, the one on The Blind Men and the Elephant. I just loved that one. We also had a great BBQ chicken dinner, from our church. It was so delicious. I heard it was packed there. My dad got there before 5 and he was in line for 2 hours. I also had a nice Bible study with my friends on Zoom.


25th April 2020

Today was the best day so far thus quarantine. The weather was gorgeous. My family and I went hiking at Scoby Dam Trail. It was beautiful. I also got to mow the lawn for the first time this year. I watched the movie Onward with my family. It was pretty good and had a great theme. I go into a series on YouTube: The History of Rock and Roll. I find this very interesting and I think I want to teach a course like this when or if I become a teacher. I just love music so much. It is just the most interesting thing to me. I just want to share it with others. I also heard Kim Jong Un was rumored dead from heart surgery. I heard he was close to death. I have no clue what is going on.


26th April 2020

I was mad that the weather was so crappy. It was just cold and rainy. The good thing was that we got to attend the drive-in style Mass at my parish. I was pretty bored all day. I was thankful that the new Jordan episodes dropped today. I got to watch them with my dad and they were just amazing. I had a fun time on Zoom with my youth group. I have just been watching more of those rock and roll videos and educating myself on its history. I also watched some AP US review videos. I had to complete a DBQ by 11pm and I just got it through.


27th April 2020

My mom is someone who has been working so hard during this time. She is a therapist at Brylin Hospital and she goes in there 4 to 5 times a week while my dad and the rest of the family stays home. She is really a hero because she is one of the people still working. I know she is not one of the doctors saving people that have the virus. But she is helping people in general. Nothing is stopping her from helping people. She also comes home with a smile on her face. She is doing college courses right now for psychology or something and she is working hard every night, ever since she gets home from work. She goes straight to work on the computer and stays up until 2am, working. Then, she gets up for work again. She is just a hardworking woman and I am grateful I have someone like that and can look up to. She also cheers us up by getting us to go on hikes, she gets us prizes each week for being good, and comes up with great, fun ideas to get the family together.


28th April 2020

Dear present self,

There is going to be a pandemic and everyone is going to be in a mandatory quarantine. You can’t do anything to prevent it. But, I can tell you some things to prepare yourself for it. Spend as much time as possible with your friends and family, other than the people you live with. Savor that time because you are going to be away from them for a long time. Find a place to work everyday. You are still going to have school but it is online. You need to find a place in the house that you can focus. Make sure you get as many shifts in at your job because you gotta make that money and you can’t work during this time. You need to discipline yourself during this time. You may find yourself eating out of boredom. Treat this like you are in school and you still have a track season. You need to workout and keep your mind fresh. Make sure you wake up early and go to bed early. Set a schedule so that you get your school work done. People will be going to stores and hoarding stuff. Just get enough toilet paper, soap, and whatever else you need to last you two months or more. Yes, two months. It’s going to be that long. Brainstorm ways that you can amuse yourself during this time. To stay safe from the virus, you need to wash your hands a lot, stay away from people, and if you go out, wear a mask. Stay safe and be strong.


Your future self


29th April 2020

The change I have seen in myself in this quarantine is that I have taken more time to do my school work. That is why my grades have been significantly higher. I have been taking my school work more seriously and actually work as hard as I can on it instead of just getting it done. I am pretty sure it has to do with how much time I have. School work is pretty much the only thing that keeps me busy. So, now I appreciate it. And I show my appreciation for it by working hard. Before the quarantine, I was super busy, having a job and two sports going on at the same time, on top of school. But when school comes back, I want to continue to work hard like this. I think I can do that by keeping the mentality I have now. I just need to keep disciplining myself and use my time wisely.


30th April 2020

Yes, Sweden is doing it well. Although they have businesses open, their economy is doing great and sure, they have a bnuch of deaths, but so do we. Buffalo is a small city and Stockholm has the same number of deaths as we do. We are teh ones in a lockdown. They are not. So, I guess, it doesn’t make a difference. They are smart in the way they planned this out. They have businesses open and the economy is doing well while at the same time, there are not that many people in the hospital. They have people outside, still following some rules, and yes, they obey them, and the people are becoming immune to the virus. And its not like they are letting the elders out either. They have to stay inside too. And of course they will listen to the orders because their lives are on the line, not the youth. This is amazing. There is not a vaccine, so why not let nature take its course. Countries should follow in the footsteps of Sweden.


4th May 2020

This painting is called Sorrowing Old Man by Vincent van Gogh. I chose thing one because this basically shows my reaction to the deaths, the cancellations, and the stress. I am just sick of all of this. Everytime something new happens, I say to myself, “This can’t possibly get worse.” And then, I do what that man is doing up there, or at least something close to it. I just try to hide myself from this world but I can’t seem to escape it.


5th May 2020

This article was long and really hard to read. This person is really pessimistic. We don’t need to listen to people like him. Our political leaders make the decisions and that is that. They determine how long we are in lockdown, not him. He was very repetitive and I was sick of it. I don’t care if we are still on lockdown during summer but I don’t need someone I don’t know telling me. That is just not what I want to hear. If someone is going to tell me, it is going to be from my president or governor. The very few good things I got from this article is that there are cures and people that are immune to the virus.


6th May 2020

Dear Track and Field,

I miss you so much. I am sorry this virus has separated us. Don’t worry, I have been practicing on my own. But it is just not the same. I love the competition. I miss the adrenaline rush I get before the gun goes off. I miss winning. I miss the support of my teammates. I miss the success of our team. I miss wearing that St. Francis uniform. I miss Coach O and his motivating speeches. It is just a big part of my life. I am very good at it and I am disappointed it got taken away from me. I had big plans this year. We would get a three-peat in being league champions and All-Catholic champions. We would have followed that up with a four-peat, which means that I haven't seen a loss throughout my whole high school career. This was the year the 4x400m would have gone to states. We had a great relay and we would have been the best in the league. And I was part of it. I was also probably going to get some offers this year from colleges. When I get you back next year, I am going to treat every race like it is my last. I am going to try to win and run as fast as I can. It does not matter which distance it is. We are going to be league champions and All-Catholic champions once more. I look forward to next season. But until then, I will work my ass off to become the best runner on the team and one of the best St. Francis has seen.


James Hoffman


7th May 2020

The source of the virus might be from a big food trend a little bit ago, the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich. Lots of people bought it and thought it was delicious. Luckily, I did not get it. I have found that the pickles are the source of this. I saw reviews on YouTube and people were very suspicious of the pickles. They were just perfect. I have never eaten a perfect pickle. How about you? Throughout my studies, I have traced these pickles to a farm, exclusive to Popeyes, in Chernobyl. That’s right. The place where they had a nuclear plant explosion and now people can’t live there anymore due to the radiation. Well, this pickle farm is settled right in Chernobyl and no one knows about it, until now. Popeyes has been buying from this farm so that they could create their chicken sandwich. But they make a lot of chicken sandwiches so they buy from this farm because it is so cheap. The farm lets them buy pickles from them because they buy huge shipments and this farm is huge and is always producing these pickles. Now, these pickles, of course have radiation on them and when people are eating these sandwiches, they are taking in radiation and are catching this virus. Now, why is it happening now instead of about a year ago when these chicken sandwiches were first being sold? Well, that is because these pickles have so much radiation on them, that it takes so long for them to digest. So, there you have it. The case is closed.


11th May 2020

Reacting to the two options that were given, I think the first one is better because it is less of a pain for students and teachers than the second one. It is easier to get more things done in one day than half a day. That is all I’m saying. I am not a fan of either option though. I say we should reopen normally, as soon as the virus is gone. We can’t reopen until the virus is gone. We need sports and clubs as well. We just need to be in a normal environment. No one is going to get the virus once it is gone. So what is the point in continuing social distancing. When we come back, we are going to have a huge welcome back party. But there will still be the priority of keeping students and staff safe and healthy. We should have a mandatory health inspection every quarter or something like that. We need parents to enforce their kids to stay home if they are sick. We, of course, need more hand sanitizer and for students to use it regularly. We need the cafeteria to be a safe, clean place as well. We just need to wash down all door knobs, desks, monitors, keyboards, and any other surfaces. Students can help out with that. We just need a normal school environment and a safe, healthy one too. We can’t be paranoid about everything. We need a great normal education for the students so that they may succeed. That is what a school does.


12th May 2020

I follow my favorite athlete of all time, Lebron James, on Instagram and I have seen how his life has changed. Honestly, it hasn’t changed much. He still does a lot of cool stuff and has lots of ways to entertain himself and his family. But a few ways our lives are the same is that we both exercise at home. Well, he does it more than me. He has always exercised at home. He is constantly exercising. He exercises at the gym and at home. He is able to do more exercises than me because he has more money to afford a whole weight room in his house. I can only do core workouts and run without any weights or equipment. Another way we are the same is that we are spending more time with our families. I have seen him doing Tik Toks with his family and they are pretty funny. I, myself, am not a fan of Tik Tok and have never made one or plan to. But I have done some fun things with my family like hiking, playing video games, family dinners, and all that good stuff. He also uses Facetime like apps to communicate with his friends. I do that as well. Both of us have been watching the Jordan documentary series, The Last Dance. Jordan was his favorite player growing up, so it means a lot to him.The things that he does that I don’t get to do are focusing on his new movie Space Jam 2, figuring out how to run a school during quarantine (because he built and owns a school in his hometown, Akron), and he always has fun celebrating his favorite day of the week, Taco Tuesday. Lebron made Taco Tuesday a really big holiday for himself, his family, and the world. He has been staying in shape and is ready to get back out there. He wants to finish the season really bad because the Lakers were number one in the West and number two overall. They had a great chance at winning it all and so he is really mad. He is ready to kick some ass.


13th May 2020

bummed, confused, angry, sad, tired


14th May 2020

My relationship with my immediate family had definitely grown stronger. We have been doing a lot of activities with each other that we would not normally do. We have been relying on each other so that we may survive. But, even though that is good. It is just too much. I have been sick of them for a while and it is not close until I get away from them. My relationship varies with my extended family. It just depends on who it is. The people who live near me, whom I regularly see, my relationship had definitely changed. My two grandmas and my grandpa live near me and I can’t see them anymore and we only talk on Zoom like once every other week. With the people who live in NYC, Harrisburg, Phoenix, Washington State, and Alaska, it does not really change a thing because I don’t see them regularly. I don’t think my relationship has changed with my friends and classmates because I talk to them all day, every day on social media. It will just be weird when I see them in person again. I am still close to my teammates on the St. Francis sport teams. But, it is not the same for my Hamburg Monarchs soccer team. I am not that close with these guys and I don’t talk to them outside of practice. Soccer is the only thing that brings us together. We do not have a season and we were not able to say goodbye to each other. This might have been my last season with them. I don’t know. I might have to come back next year, if there is a season next year.