Updated: May 25, 2020

18th May 2020

Today is the 60th day of writing this journal. There is something in my mind that has been there for the whole 60 days: Will I ever stop writing this journal? If I stop, when will it be? When do I know we are back to normality?

Lately, I’ve had an even worse thought: Is this normality? Are we going to be losing people everyday because of a virus and be fine with it?

These are thoughts I can’t take out of my mind. I tried to find answers to all of these questions. I found very different answers from people. Some people think this has become normality and that it is going to be like this for the next two years. Some others are longing for the past continually. Others hope for a future in which deaths stop and we start a different way of life, being more careful than before.

It would be perfect to go back, but I know that is not a possibility, nothing will be as it was before. Although, I hate to think this is “normal”. I don’t think it is, it is not good to think 300 deaths per day in a country are normal.

I believe the best we can hope for is to go back out but go in a very different way, with a lot of caution, taking good care of one’s own health and other people’s health.