My pain is almost impossible to understand, right now

I suffer with chronic neuropathic pain in my right knee - and my pain is more prominent than I can ever recall. My pain doctor, via telephone conversation, has suggested meditation as my only option. It seems so so impossible to compute that that is the only feasible suggestion for me, worse so that my pain is not being relieved by anything else currently. Over the course of the years of being in pain, I have tried every viable option that the NHS has offered - but I can honestly say, that on top of everything else, the lockdown situation has made everything more painful.

I can't begin to imagine the stress all NHS staff must be facing in this time, working to save others lives is obviously already very stressful - but with this extra worry on the top :-( I truly wonder about how different life will be when the lockdown is fully relaxed, the political agenda in this country is so embarrassing, looking forward to a better future