5th June 2020

I'm losing my job on Wednesday, redundancies due to COVID affecting business. I just moved from Canada in September, this was my first job here, I came to love my job and the people I worked with, despite not working there for long. I'm a wreck. I was struggling already with having no friends over here, and my dog passed away end of April with little warning. There's no jobs in this pandemic, I don't know where the rent's going to come from after my final cheque. I haven't slept right for weeks, I was doing well losing weight and getting in shape, but I can barely get out of bed anymore to exercise. I feel like I was finally getting my life to where I wanted it, but since the lock down the rug was pulled out from under me to quick for me to keep up. I don't know what I'll be like after Wednesday, but I've struggled with my mental health before and I'm worried about relapsing.