Writing from the Kiwi Land.


11th May 2020 (3.30 pm)  I'm supposed to be working from home today but I feel guilty because there are only 2 things that pop into my head all the time since morning.  1) The government is going to announce today at 4.00PM whether we will be able to go to "level 2" restrictions where we can finally go out and catch up with friends. Hopefully the restaurants will be open too. After being stuck at home home for 49 days (I can't believe how I'm doing it!), it's a great feeling to have at least some possibility to go out freely again. Saying that, we missed a good part of summer and it's already Autumn when we come out of the lockdown, so that's sad...  Or am I being too optimistic and we will remain at level 3 restrictions for another few weeks... or  until winter, who knows!!!   2) I keep thinking about the dough which is in the fridge literally next to my working desk. I wanted to try making "la galette des rois" (King cake) as it was my favourite childhood cake and I kept searching for it since we left France 22 years ago. I bought all the ingredients yesterday and then realised that it is made from a super complicated "1000" layered puff pastry. The count of layers goes exponentially with the number of turns. I did 3 turns yesterday and my hands are very sore already. 4 turns to do today and the dough will be ready for me to make the actual pie/ cake today. Really excited about it and thinking whether the taste I remember will be similar when I try it today after such a long time.