Updated: May 25, 2020

17th March 2020 (St. Patrick’s day)

I really enjoyed the poem. It sends out a lot about the world to me. Through this difficult time We are making history as the world goes on. I feel very happy to be out of school but upset because if this virus keeps up I will miss my trip to disney world. I am upset also because I cannot go and see my friends due to the coronavirus. I am very stressed today because I did not think I would receive as much homework as I did today. I am observing many different things throughout the world. The world is changing due to the virus. We are in a state of emergency all across the US. I do not like how fast this is spreading and how nothing is known of how to stop this disease. During this crisis I am trying to enjoy my life and enjoy this time but it is difficult knowing that at any minute someone I am close to could be attacked by this disease and could die no matter how healthy they are because that is how bad this disease is. #School is going well for me, I feel it is easier to do these online courses than going into school everyday. My friends are reacting similarly to me in the sense that they are trying to enjoy every minute of this crisis. I was brought joy today when I was able to talk to one of my friends that I have not seen or talked to in almost a year. I also found joy when I was walking my dog earlier today.


18th March 2020

Adjusting to the online classes is becoming a bigger success now than it was the first few days. My family and I are still hoping that we will make it to Disney. My mom and my sister do not think we will make it, but me and my dad think that we will be able to go. Today I am feeling less stressed and less scared. My mom has placed me and my family on house arrest. We are not allowed out and no one is allowed in. I am feeling as though the world is slowly coming back to being normal. I have noticed that I am living in a major time of history because nothing like this has ever happened before. I observe very little people walking their dogs because people are going crazy because of this virus. I am noticing on the news that there are very minimal supplies left in grocery stores because everyone is panicking over coronavirus. Today when I finish my homework I am going to begin cleaning my basement. School is not going great because my grades are not doing as good as I would like them to be. My friends are reacting happily. I do not think they realise how horrible this time is. One thing that brought me joy today was talking to my cousin and playing against him in a video game. The game was a lot of fun.


19th March 2020

Today was the busiest day of online classes. I had more than one assignment in every subject today. Including studying for a math test tomorrow and a chemistry test on Monday. I am feeling a little relieved today because the week is almost over so I am able to relax a little bit. I am having very little stress today and I am enjoying the online classes. I have noticed that in the news, China has began to open some of their stores backup because the pandemic is lowering in China. I am enjoying my time today during this crisis. It is becoming more and more doable for the work. It is now becoming a daily routine to get up and do all my school work at home. My friends are reacting similarly to me because they are feeling that it is becoming a daily routine as well. Today walking my dog and playing with her brought me a lot of joy today.


20th March 2020

Today was a really laid back day of school. I had 1 quiz and 1 test, which eliminated a lot of work for those subjects. I also have a test on Monday so I have no extra work in that subject either. I am feeling relieved that the week is over and that I will not have much work over the weekend. I had very minimal stress today because we have very minimal homework today. There was nothing major on the news today. I am beginning to enjoy my school work at home. I am used to getting up and doing my homework. It is going to be weird for me when we go back to school and I have to get used to it again. My friends are reacting the same as they have been in the past. Finishing the week up today brought me a lot of joy today.


23rd March 2020

School was not bad today, it was actually one of the more easier days of school work. Since it is monday I have little to no stress today instead I am feeling excited. My family and I are trying to find new shows or movies for us to watch together. Today we watched the first Harry Potter movie, my entire family liked it except for me. Tomorrow we are going to try and watch a show on Netflix or Amazon Prime. I wanted to watch Percy Jackson but my family doesn’t want to. Percy Jackson is my favorite book series. I also really like the movies too.


24th March 2020

Today was a great day. It started with me waking up early and then I played with my dog for a while. I did my homework which was pretty easy and I finished my homework pretty quick. I read my book and chapter 19 was an interesting chapter in my opinion. I am noticing that there are little to no changes happening because of the Coronavirus. I began watching a new show on Netflix called All American. This is about a football player in California.


25th March 2020

Today I received a decent amount of homework. It wasn’t super long but it wasn’t super short either. I had a RAFT activity that I found entertaining to begin. I also have a math quiz tomorrow that I have studied for, I think I will do great on it. The stress from school is slowly going away. I no longer am stressing out over the homework. I played catch with a football in the backyard today with my dad and my sister. I had fun playing catch with them.


26th March 2020

Today was a fun day. I completed all my homework early and took a math quiz that I think I did pretty well on. After the quiz I played xbox for a little while then I cleaned the house with my family. After that I ate dinner. While I was eating dinner my mom turned on the news and I noticed once again there are little to no changes being made due to the coronavirus. I am noticing in my neighborhood that there is like nobody going outside at all. My neighborhood has two kids at almost every house and there is nobody outside. I had fun today when I went for a run on an empty street.


27th March 2020

Today my homework was very time consuming because I had a quiz in math and religion. I also had to check over all y english journals in order to make sure I had good quotes and good analysis for my flipgrid. I also had to do a discussion about the Industrial Revolution. Today was a very stressful day due to all the homework. I then cleaned my room because I had a lot of time on my hands. My friends and I have talked about homework a lot because some of them are getting confused because the teacher isn’t right there to teach it to them. My friends also don’t want to email the teachers.


30th March 2020

Today I had minimal homework because I only had AP World, English, Algebra, and Spanish. I had to complete my reading for AP World. I also then had to do the math notes and the homework. I also had a coronavirus reading for spanish class. FInally I have the Coronavirus journal for English. Today I cleaned out my garage after all my homework because I felt that it needed to be rearranged. Today I saw a few kids outside with their families playing basketball. This made me happy because I am no longer the only kid playing basketball during this quarantine.


31st March 2020

Today I had to watch a video and answer questions for AP world. I also had to complete my step one for my multi genre project for english. Then I had a spanish quiz that took a long time to complete. After I complete all my homework I am going to paint the first two coats on a black desk to change it to pink for my sister. It is coming along, hopefully it turns out well. I also binge watched 10 episodes of All American today on Netflix. I really enjoyed watching All American except I wasted away most of the day watching it.


1st April 2020

Today I have little homework again. I have AP World, English, Math, and spanish homework again today. I have a reading packet for AP, I have the journal for English, I have notes for math, and notes for spanish. After I finish my homework I am going to finish painting my sisters desk so that she can have a desk in her room.


2nd April 2020


3rd April 2020

Today Trump announced the CDC recommendation that Americans should wear any facemask they have even if it is not a medical face mask. I saw on the news today that the deaths in the US are approaching 7,000. Both of these announcements are causing me to be nervous for all of my friends, my family, and my friend’s families. I am beginning to question the ability that the doctors and nurses have to stop this outbreak. I am praying for the health of everyone affected by this disease and everyone who is trying to fight this disease. Nobody should have to deal with this disease. I hope the US finds a way to stop this disease soon.


6th April 2020

Today on the news I saw that the US has passed 10,000 deaths due to Coronavirus. The #NewYork governor says that New York State’s numbers have been effectively flat for two days. I am hoping this means we have hit the peak of cases so that the disease begins to decline. I do not think it will be the peak but I can hope. Today I was not stressed at all because I had a minimal amount of homework. This little amount of homework caused me to be able to watch the news more than usual today. I saw that this week may be the hardest week of them all with cases of COVID-19. I was brought joy today when I was doing my ladder drills for footwork.


20th April 2020

One thing that interests me about the topic is that there are very few people who stay in therapy for all ten days instead some are being released in three sometimes six days. This does give me hope for the future because now we have a higher chance of surviving Coronavirus with this. One part of this article that stood out to me was that there is a very small number of patients that stay in therapy for all ten days that most of them are released between 3 and 6 days.


21st April 2020

I didn’t know how the markets became big and that they had begun to bring endangered species into the markets. I also didn’t know that most of the first patients with Coronavirus were in the market.


22nd April 2020

The first song I have chosen is “Change” by NF. This fits the time because it is talking about change and everything is changing now. The second song I have chosen is “Don’t Stand So Close To Me” by The Police. This fits with the time because we cannot stand closer than 6 feet to people. The third song I have chosen is “Me, Myself and I” by G-Eazy and Bebe Rexha. This fits with the time because it shows how quarantine has us all alone because we cannot see any other people so it is me myself and I. The final song I have chosen is “Gimme Shelter” by the Rolling Stones. This song talks about if there is no shelter then we are all just going to fade away.


23rd April 2020

Nobody knows what the world will look like when this is all over. Nobody talked about the sound of the elephant so nobody understands what it is going to be like in the sound. Yes I am guilty especially about making poor decisions. Yes I can apply this to other parts of my life.


27th April 2020

My grandpa has stepped up during this virus. Before he would never care if someone was sick he would still act the same. He would eat Koz’s every Friday with my grandma. Now he won’t go within 6 feet of anyone in our family. My family was isolated since the beginning of COVID and he still wouldn’t let us near him. He has stepped up to make sure him and my grandma stay safe from Coronavirus.


28th April 2020

I wish I would have hung out with my friends more before this all started. During this pandemic make sure you keep yourself busy so you do not get bored and annoy your family. If you do get bored I recommend making a card for all of your family members birthdays that will be in quarantine. Watch the news so that you understand what is going on and not just assume everything.


29th April 2020

One change I have made is at the beginning of this virus I was procrastinating as much as possible but now I am doing all my homework early so I have time to do other things with my family. I have begun to build shelves and IKEA appliances for my mom. When my mom got told she had an infection and had to go to the hospital, this changed because I wanted to be able to text her throughout the day. After she arrived home I continued to do my work early so I could spend more time with all of my family members. I will be able to to keep this change by not doing all of my homework at night instead doing it all as soon as I get home.


30th April 2020

I agree with what Sweden is doing. This article says that it may come back if we don’t gain natural immunity. This is also killing the economy and that is another part that Sweden is avoiding.


4th May 2020

This represents my feelings during quarantine because I am bored most of the days cause I cannot go outside and I cannot leave my house. I have done the same thing everyday at the same time.


5th May 2020

This article was very interesting to me. One specific part that stood out to me was the fact that all the experts are explaining how life as most people know it cannot fully return to normal. This interests me because it makes me think about what the future might be like. For example, how long will we be quarantined in our houses or how will life look after quarantine. Two major questions I am asking myself are, after this is over will everyone be required to wear masks when we go outside? Another question is, will the healthcare systems fix themselves due to this disease exploiting so much of the healthcare problems? I feel his view on this is accurate and that all of his points are spot on what I would say if I was writing it.


6th May 2020

Dear social life,

I miss everything about you from me socializing with people who do not like me to me socializing with my best friends. I especially miss my communication with my teachers. I miss my communication with my classmates in school as well. I miss getting corrected on my schoolwork. I miss all the jokes and the exciting days in English and AP World classes. When this goes away I cannot wait to go back to hanging out with friends and laughing crazily at stupid stuff that shouldn’t be as funny as we make it.


7th May 2020

Everybody is talking about how the US is handling it and how China started it and the way Sweden is handling it. Nobody has said a word about Canada, they have been very quiet about all of this. Could they have known about it prior? Do they know how to cure it but won’t tell the rest of the world? Do they have an advantage of how to cure it or how to make a vaccine? It is very suspicious about how Canada is not speaking about it at all or how nobody has said a thing about Canada.


11th May 2020

I agree with the first option of a college-like schedule where certain grade levels attend on certain days supplemented by online instruction. I feel that would be a better way of doing it because each grade would go to school for two days so one day nobody would be there and I believe that extra day should be used to deep clean the school. For example, Freshman and seniors would go on Mondays and Tuesdays while Sophomores and Juniors would go on Thursdays and Fridays. Wednesday would be the day that the school gets deep cleaned to help stop the spread of Coronavirus. The education I believe would be different too. For example, tests would be on the in-school days only. I feel that if it lasts an entire year than the regents would be cancelled again because nobody would know if the teachers were able to teach everything they were supposed to. They also wouldn’t be able to control if all the students were on the same level of learning. I also feel that sports would be cancelled completely because all sports are unable to socially distance in practices or games. I feel school should start later as well because then people would be fully awake when school starts. This would allow the students to be more awake in classes so the class is able to learn at a better speed without pausing for long periods of time because I feel that homeroom should be eliminated and everybody just goes straight to first period when they go to school. One major change I feel would benefit everyone would be to close the tunnel and the elevator because those places don’t allow for social distancing. This would allow people to stay 6 feet away from each other instead of being crammed in the tunnel or elevator. We should also have students sit in every other seat in a class or separate the desks by 6 feet between each desk.


12th May 2020

My favorite Youtuber MMG has had his life change due to Coronavirus. He has become more similar to me because he was dorming at MSU as a senior and he was going to buy a house close to there. MSU kicked everybody off campus and MMG is now staying at his parents house. He used to do Madden gameplay videos. Now, he does vlogs of him at his parents house and he is playing with his dogs all the time. Another new thing he is doing is he is posting videos of him playing basketball. We are both similar since Coronavirus started because we are both playing basketball outside and we are both playing with our dogs. He is happy that he gets to spend time with his friends and family. However, he is also sad because he lost his final months of senior year and he will not be having a graduation ceremony. He is similar to me in these times because we are both happy that we can be home and spend quality time with our families. We are different in that I am sad because I am unable to see any of my friends and I am unable to have any face to face communication with anyone except my family. We are different in that since he would be graduating he doesn’t have any more school work left while I am getting a lot of homework.


13th May 2020

Five words that describe my quarantine feelings are bored, annoyed, busy, aggravated, upset.


14th May 2020

My family relationships have grown because we have been quarantined together so we are learning more about each other every day. With my cousins and my aunts and uncles our relationships have grown a little bit. My uncle and my cousin’s relationships with me have grown because we play Xbox together almost every night. My other cousin’s relationships have stayed the same, we talk a little bit but that is all we ever do. My friends’ relationships have stayed the same as well, we talk everyday either on zoom or Facetime or on Houseparty (Facetiming app). Our conversions are still the same we still talk and argue about stupid stuff. My teammate relationships are the same as my friends relationships because every Thursday and Saturday we have a football zoom and we talk there as if we were in person talking about football.


18th May 2020

One thing that changed me in my life was in 8th grade. I was at a school Mass and my grandma was there. About halfway through the mass my grandma said she was feeling dizzy and said she was going to go get water. She was in the hallway for a while so I wondered where she was. When I looked at the door I noticed a black covering over the glass. When mass ended my mom and aunt called me and my cousins out of class and said that my grandma was in the hospital. My grandma has had a heart problem before so that is why they took her to the hospital. Before this my mom and my grandma both had survived breast cancer. This event caused me to realize that anyone in my life could be taken from me anytime, so I try to spend as much time as I can with anyone in my life.


19th May 2020

What do you miss most from before the pandemic? Seeing her family. Her mom, nieces, nephews, sisters and brother.

What change have you made for the better in the pandemic? More time with immediate family causing more family bonding.

What would you have told yourself in February if you knew this was happening? Buy more clorox wipes and hand sanitizer. Buy more puzzles. Spent more time doing things out of the house.

How has quarantine affected relationships in your life? More virtual things with extended family. Prior to COVID didn’t talk to her college friends a lot but since it started she has started to talk to them more with Zoom.