An Exeter Uni Student

Updated: May 25, 2020

I study English Literature. I live in London, the epicentre of England's outbreak.


14th April 2020

Passing through a Pandemic

Quarantine is repetition, each day is Sunday

And drags past like a stroppy child.

Each event splitting the day is as boring as the next

The ritual of folding ham and cheese

Into plain bagels with butter, you ate these yesterday

Too, and you’ll eat it again tomorrow.

The dull shock of seeing a bus

But no cars (the roads are empty)

On your daily state-allocated walks.

You might see people sunbathing too:

You can glare, but it won’t stop them

At least the dogs are happy.

Mindlessly scrolling through swathes

Of social media posts, no wonder

You can’t sleep, you stare at your phone.

You can also stare out the window.

Blue sky, grey sky, white speckled cloud sky;

Sunsets, dusk and hazy nights or

Sunrises missed since you’re too lazy.

Life is still passing past the window:

Eight-two-six and Nine-five-four.


12th May 2020

I tried waking up earlier today, but after snoozing my alarm twice I ended up having breakfast at my usual time of 11:30am. Breakfast was the same cereal and crumpets which I have had nearly every morning of my life and I still will happily eat it! A new change was the industrial tub of peanut butter which had recently been bought, and I was lucky enough to open it for the first time and see it untouched. Other than that, my morning has gone as usual and I did the 5th day of an online yoga challenge; I’m starting to see improvements but I still can’t touch my toes which is slightly embarrassing… I’m still revising for my online exams, which are 24 hours long and allow me to cheat (if I want to) since they’re open book. Today’s revision involves planning essays arguing about critical theories I vaguely understand, such as queer theory, Freudian analysis and gender studies. As an English #student, I can’t wait to get this exam out the way and begin focusing on my last one, which is actually about books (that’s what I signed up for!). My afternoon has been filled with more revision, but in the early evening the monotony was broken with an online group call with an old seminar group to discuss our revision. Everyone else is just as bored as me, and although we did do some work during the call it was mostly a chatty call talking about anything remotely exciting that had happened in our lives in the past week or so. The mature student in my call had proudly gone and found more Diet coke, a drink which has apparently fuelled her revision during lockdown. Luckily, my addictions for certain food or drink haven’t kicked in. By the end of the day I gave up on revision, and went on an evening walk with my mum. The local park is weirdly busy but empty at that time but it’s much more peaceful, especially since we get to see a sunset at that time. My mum thinks we should get a dog, and however much I love dogs I don’t know what would happen if we got a puppy during lockdown. I ended up going to sleep very late, as per usual, and spent a few hours playing xbox with old school friends. It’s one of the few bits of escapism I get during the day, even if my escapism involves playing Call of Duty and running around a warzone. Before I went to bed, I called my girlfriend and chatted for a while which was as lovely as always. For some reason, I couldn’t go to sleep that well but it’s hardly as if I’m doing anything drastically different day to day. Anyway, for anyone reading this, whether we’re still during the pandemic or looking back to reminisce, I send all my love!