We appreciate your interest in Journals of a Pandemic. We strive to do everything openly, and this page sets out exactly our relationship, according to both the content you submit, and your own privacy.


1. Privacy

This is a mass-writing project. We encourage you to write with the intention that someone, somewhere, someday, will read your entry.

However, we also encourage you to embrace the freedom entailed in writing anonymously, and we promise not to use any personal or contact detail you provide us in connection with any of your posts that are published. As long as you keep your writing anonymous, we will too.

Any personal data you submit will be stored according to the General Data Protection Regulations, and by submitting personal data you are giving us permission to store and review those data solely for the purposes of ensuring the veracity of entries, contacting authors about their posts, or for monitoring and evaluation purposes.

We do not keep data for longer than necessary and we never share your data with anyone else. If at any point you would like us to remove your data from our records please let us know by emailing journalsofapandemic@gmail.com.

Once the project Journals of a Pandemic has closed, a longer term repository (i.e. museum/archive collection) may be identified for the future preservation of the material submitted.

2. Intellectual Property

When you submit entries to us, you remain the copyright holder, but the text/image/audio/video content you have provided is licensed to us under a Creative Commons License Attribution-ShareAlike CC BY-SA for as long as it remains part of the project. This license lets us and others remix, adapt, and build upon your work even for commercial purposes, as long as they credit you or the pen name you provide (subject to the privacy stipulations above) and license their new creations under the identical terms. You can read more here https://creativecommons.org/licenses/.

If you want to withdraw your consent and have your content deleted at any time, please email journalsofapandemic@gmail.com with your name and details of when the text/image/audio/video was created, and we will delete the entry, after which the license you have granted us will end.